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Affero uses the Bootstrap Framework for its responsive column layouts. This makes formatting your content into columns easy & efficient. This three column layout is made of HTML divs with the class name "col-md-4”.

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Bootstrap includes a set of 200 precisely prepared monochromatic icons. Glyphicons are able to be scaled to any size & are colorable. These Icons are designed with an emphasis on simplicity & easy orientation.

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This theme uses the latest HTML5/CSS3 practices to give it a unique look while still keeping form & functionality. Affero is compatible with all modern browsers. IE8 users are given a message advising them to update to a newer browser.

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Affero was designed specifically with small, mobile, & touch screens in mind (as well as large desktop screens), so that it will look great on any device. The powerful menu automatically collapses behind on tablets & mobile devices leaving space for your site’s content. With sleek animations & easy touch friendly sub-page navigation, this menu is the best for an app look-alike website.


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